Twintage: A Belated Easter.

April 29, 2014

A Belated Easter.

We had a belated Easter this year. Our original Easter weekend plans to visit my Dad and Stepmom were changed due to a flu that everyone around these parts seems to be getting.  For Dan, Norah, and myself the Easter long weekend was even more laid back since Dan's parents were visiting Ireland for a few weeks. Lucky ducks. We made the most of it though, having a weekend free to work on the garden and start spring cleaning around the house.

Having Easter dinner a week later worked out great for Norah and Kieran since it meant another egg hunt, and the chance to refill their baskets with even more chocolate. My dad hid easter eggs in the backyard and the kids found most of them, except for a few that a curious squirrel decided to steal and stash into the neighbour's yard. I guess squirrels enjoy chocolate eggs too. The rest of the day was relaxed with a nice home cooked meal and little birthday celebration for my stepmom who turned 60. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

XO Karen

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  1. she is such a stunner in that red coat and it is so nice she has her cousin nearby to play with. i wish Lily's cousins didn't live so far away...


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