Twintage: This winter we lost our mom.

March 20, 2014

This winter we lost our mom.

losing your mother

Two weeks ago today our beautiful mother passed away after a short but brave battle with cancer.  She was diagnosed with throat cancer the beginning of February. On Valentine's day she was admitted to the hospital and almost three weeks later she peacefully left this world. Lisa and I have learned so much about strength and courage from watching our mother, she was a fighter.

Words can not explain how hard this has been, everything happened so quickly that it still feels like a bad dream. Hopefully in the future we can write more about our feelings of loss, and our mother's story, but right now this is all too new. Learning how to live without her will be the biggest challenge yet, but we will hold on to our mother's memory and trust in the strength she has given us.

We are so grateful to have such kind-hearted wonderful people in our lives that have given us so much love and support.


Karen & Lisa


  1. Karen + Lisa,
    Once again, I am so sorry for your loss! I didn't realize how quickly this all happened. My heart hurts for you two. I hope time can bring you peace.

  2. Thank you so much lovely. I'm hoping the same thing. xo

  3. so sorry for you... your mother left you so fast that just reading your post made me cry


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