Twintage: A trip to the harbour

March 24, 2014

A trip to the harbour

A few days ago I took Norah to see the ducks by the Hamilton harbour with my dad and stepmom. It's still cold here, we had to bundle up in our winter gear, and people were still fishing on the ice. We had tea at the harbour's coffee shop and went down to the water to feed the ducks.  Norah has no fear when it comes to animals, she walked right up to the swans ready to give them some food. The swan seemed much more interested in her mitten though, snatching it right off her hand. Thankfully with the help of a stick and a brave stepmom who walked on the ice, we were able to retrieve it. Even though this winter has been the longest and hardest I've seen, a great afternoon by the water was just the distraction I needed.

xoxo Karen

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  1. water is my go to place also. and yes, watch out for those swans they can be very mean and territorial.


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