Twintage: Life Changes and a Bathroom Reno

February 11, 2014

Life Changes and a Bathroom Reno

The beginning of this year has had a rough start due to some difficult news about our mother's health. We decided to sit down as a family and figure out the best option to make sure she had the help and support she needed and in a way that we could all help. 

Karen and her family live one town over and have been great about taking her to appointments and being there when needed, but my family and I live over an hour away. This has made it difficult to just stop in for a visit. We are also currently renters, so that has factored into our decisions too. Considering all of this, we have decided to move into my mom's house. 

My mother lives alone in a four-bedroom house so there is plenty of room for all of us. I have to say that I'm happy to be back in my hometown, able to help out my mother, and be close to family and friends again, although I wish it was under better circumstances. I must say though, my moms strength and positive attitude has been contagious and an inspiration. 

When discussing our move with my mother, she suggested that we might want to add a bathroom to an unfinished room in the basement. The room was always planned to be a bathroom but was never finished. When my Aunts and Uncles heard about this project they jumped right in to help. It is so nice to have their support and their willingness to do whatever they could to help out. We had a family gathering last Sunday and all went over some plans to get the bathroom started. Pictured above is the room in it's current state. As you can see it needs a lot of work. 

Below is a rough floorplan on what we plan to do with the space. The room is quite large so we plan to split it up into three separate rooms; a bathroom, craft room and a room for storage. 

Here is some inspiration for the bathroom. We'd like to have black slate-style tiles for the floor with a floor warmer. I threw in a picture of the herringbone tile because well it's wonderful and why not? Maybe if my husband see's it he will feel up to the challenge. I also love the idea of a reclaimed wood vanity with a bowl sink on top. Maybe we can build this ourselves? The bottom left photo shows the type of frameless corner shower we'd like to have with white subway tile. The bottom right photo is just dreamy but shows the black and white colour combo we like and oh look herringbone tiles again (a girl can dream).  

Images from Top to right 1, 2, 3, 4,

That's it for now. We're just in the planning stages. I'll update more when the project get's going.

xo Lisa


  1. I think it's wonderful that you've stepped up so much to help out your mama...I totally understand, my mom was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2005 and by 2007 (when I was in middle school) it became severe and uncontrolled. And has been that way ever since. It's hard sacrificing so much, especially as I grew up in the house. So long story short, I think the sacrifice you've made in moving is a beautiful one. Also, I love your ideas for the bathroom :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. It's always helpful when people can relate to what you're going through and that is a lot to go through especially at such a young age! I hope the very best for both of our moms! xo


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