Twintage: Winter Wish List

November 25, 2013

Winter Wish List

This weekend we got our first snowfall. Even though the snow didn't stick around, it's really starting to feel more like winter and less like fall.  With the first snowfall comes holiday decorating, it seems like everyone on our street was on the same page this year. Over the span of a day our street became full of festive holiday cheer.  We decorated our tree and gave Norah her own little Christmas tree to decorate. She was so funny to watch, with great concentration she decided exactly where each ornament should go. 

As much I as look forward to playing in the snow, the cold weather also makes me want to hibernate. See you in spring!?  I have the urge to stay cozy with a flannel blanket, a tea, and browse Etsy for longer than I probably should.  If that sounds good to you too, here's some winter inspiration to get you started. 

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XO Karen 

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  1. I love this collection, very cosy too:)
    Thank you for including my lantern!


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