Twintage: Santa and a Deer

November 20, 2013

Santa and a Deer

Usually I wait until December 1st before starting Christmas decorating, but this year I'm getting into the season a little early. Between Christmas parades, browsing Pinterest, or just walking into a store it's hard not to get into the spirit just a little bit. 

This past weekend we went to the Hamilton Christmas Parade. It was an unseasonably warm day, which made standing for two hours watching floats pass by doable with young children. Norah got right into the parade but Kieran was in a bit of a mood. I think he preferred eating timbits and playing with a few toys. 

This week I started decorating a bit, going through my Christmas decor including my vintage glass ornaments.  The tree however, will wait until December, since every year we visit a local tree farm for a real one. One of my favourite new additions is this cardboard deer head from Etsy. I realized after it had been delivered that I should have ordered the larger one for my wall. So to make it pop I put a thrifted wreath around it. I think it adds a nice rustic touch. I plan to add a little greenery to the wreath when I have a chance.

Can't wait to see everyones Christmas creativity this year.

- Lisa

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