Twintage: Happy Halloween!

November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Better late than never?  Halloween was less than a week ago but everywhere I go it's beginning to feel A Lot like Christmas. Still, I wanted to share Norah's costume. The last few months Norah has been in love with all sweaters and coats with hoods, so when choosing her costume I decided on Little Red Riding Hood. Since Norah is only 2, I wanted to keep her costume simple.  I made the cloak out of felt using this tutorial,  picked a dress out of her closet, and let her borrow my market basket.

It was a good thing I didn't go costume overboard since we made it to one house before she got very freaked out by a not so scary jack o'lantern and demanded to go home. She had more fun handing out candy anyways.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. If you blogged about your little one's costumes send me a link in the comments I'd love to see!

XO Karen


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