Twintage: Weekend

October 21, 2013


October days are best served with bright sun, colourful leaves and a whole bunch of pumpkins. Norah, Dan and I headed out on Sunday with the intention of finding all three, and we were in luck. Up on the Escarpment above Stoney Creek sits an amazing little pumpkin farm. Norah took us through the straw maze, and even braved a haunted house. Her excitement was most apparent when she found the train. CHOOO CHOOOOO!! If we had known that she wanted to play train more than anything else, we would have skipped the inevitable lineups. All in all it was an awesome little trip, the only thing missing was my sister, her hubby, and nephew. 

As fate would have it, and completely coincidentally she was in Waterloo doing the exact same thing! Kieran probably had a little more luck in picking up a pumpkin than Norah, but it is amazing how we both had the same adventure, even while apart. 

Oh Fall Days, I love you.   

XO Karen & Lisa 

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