Twintage: Kieran's Locker Makeover

October 9, 2013

Kieran's Locker Makeover

I recently came across some old lockers at a yard sale. I didn't think much about them at first, but made a mental note of their inexpensive price tag of $5. By the time I got home, I started to think about them again & even though they needed some TLC, they would work well as extra storage in Kieran's room. I told my hubby about it and he was nice enough to drive back and pick them up for me. Aren't hubbies the best?! I almost broke my back carrying it into the house. Who knew lockers were so heavy? Since it was so heavy and needed work before it was ready for it's final home, we decided to store it temporarily in our bedroom. 

Here's a pic I took on my phone right after we got in the house.

First, I gave them a good cleaning. Then I started off the makeover with a couple coats of primer. After the primer dried, I had to decide on a final colour. I considered regular chalkboard black / green or if I should just go with a simple white. Since it was going in Kieran's room, I decided to let him pick (within reason) & the first colour he shouted out was "RED!" (his favourite). At first I wasn't sure if red would be too much, but since his room has white walls, I thought it would be a nice pop of colour. I also decided to paint it with DIY chalkboard paint. I went and picked up some red (but not too bright red) paint. I already had the unsanded grout, which is the ingredient you need to turn regular paint into chalkboard paint. I mixed 1 tbsp of unsanded grout per 1 cup of paint and then stirred, stirred, and stirred some more. It takes a bit to mix in. It took me about three coats of paint to cover the lockers fully. Once dry, I made sure to prep it & test it out a little to make sure it was good to go.

I also made Kieran some animal magnets all with supplies from the dollar store. 

It'll also be a great place for Kieran to hang his school artwork with his new magnets. I'll probably have the hubby anchor it to the wall just to be on the safe side. I doubt Kieran would try to climb on or in them, but it would give me piece of mind with having such a heavy item in his room. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out & so is Kieran. I now have a place to store some extra toys, art supplies, or his jackets, and he has a new place to draw with some chalk...that's just the right amount of "RED!"

~ Lisa

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