Twintage: First Day Of School

September 7, 2013

First Day Of School

Kieran is officially a Kindergarten student. I can't believe it. His first day of Junior Kindergarten was Thursday. We had gone to the school on Tuesday to meet the teacher and check out his class. He couldn't wait to start. The night before his first day I started to feel emotional. Packing his lunch really got to me. I knew he would love school but began realizing how fast he was growing up & that the weekdays we spent together are now over. 
The morning before school I felt a little better though. Neil went into work late so we could go together to drop him off. Kieran was really excited to go which helped. I'm pretty sure I was the only one nervous and I tried hard not to let it show. The teacher called the kids inside and he gave Neil & I two hugs and kisses each before running for the door.

At 3:30 I was there to pick him up. Excited to hear all his stories. I could tell he had a fun day but he was also exhausted. I told him it was time to go. That's when he started to cry. It broke my heart. I asked him what was wrong & it turned out he left his robot water bottle in the classroom. One of the early childhood educators was nice enough to go back in and get it for him. I realized school was going to be a bit of an adjustment for him.  Later in the evening he started talking about the friends he met, the songs they sang and a few things the teacher had told them during the school day.

The next day ended much better. He was still tired but in a better mood. It's now the weekend & he's already been singing a song he learned at school around the house. It makes me smile that he's already learning new things. We're only two days in and we'll see how next week goes. 

Hope all the kids out there just beginning or going back to school had a great first week! Kieran turns four next Friday so I'm off to do a little preparing & gift buying.

Have a lovely weekend.
xo Lisa 

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