Twintage: My hanging rattan chair find..

June 13, 2013

My hanging rattan chair find..

A couple of months ago I had blogged about finding a toy hanging rattan chair for Norah. As cute as the toy version is I've been dreaming about finding a momma sized one for quite some time. Well, late on Thursday night while Lisa was browsing the vintage ads on Kijiji she found this lovely guy for sale. The listing had no price, just stated please contact. I quickly sent an email but kept my hopes low as I assumed they would want too much for it. To my surprise the seller was only asking $30! Ummm yes please.

It's in need of a little TLC but overall in great shape. My plan is to hang it the backyard. I think it would be a perfect lounging chair for the summer. Next step is to build a stand. I'll post more pictures once it's up and hanging!

XO ~ Karen


  1. Glad to see you're back! Is been wondering where you'd gone! Love that have all the luck when it comes to vintage.

    1. By "is" I mean, "I'd"...thanks autocorrect! Ha!

  2. Thank you! This chair is one of my all time favorite finds!

  3. I'll be interested in seeing how you fix it up! We just bought one too off of Craigslist and we're not quite sure how to repair the wrapping and how to refinish/varnish it.


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