Twintage: Glamping and a trip to the country

June 19, 2013

Glamping and a trip to the country

We took an overnight trip to a newly discovered "glamping" site in Southern Ontario. Dan and I stayed the night while Norah, Kieran, and Lisa came for a day trip.  Within the campgrounds were chickens and ducks roaming about, of course the kids had a blast chasing them. It had rained quite a bit a couple days before our arrival, trying to keep Norah clean was a bit of a challenge. Not that I would usually care, but we were also having our engagement photo session taken that day at the campsite. Once Norah's part in the shoot was over she was free to roam the grounds and play in the mud.

I had never experienced glamping before, when I suggested the idea to Dan he was hesitant at first as regular camping is something we really enjoy. Leading up to the trip he referred to it as "not real camping" but I think in the end he enjoyed the experience. This was the closest we had been to camping since before Norah was born, being out in nature and enjoying a campfire was a much needed break. Plus, I have to admit sleeping in a safari style yurt with one of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in wasn't half bad. I thinking glamping might be a new family tradition.

~ XO Karen 

p.s. engagement session post to come! 

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