Twintage: A vintage dresser.

June 23, 2013

A vintage dresser.

  Lately, in my little rented house, my hubby & I have been trying to do some spring-cleaning. For the last couple months we've been going room-by-room and donating things we no longer need or use. This white dresser was one of those things we planned on getting rid of. It was originally a dresser / change table for Kieran. The change table is detachable. When I was pregnant with Kieran it was one of the last things on my list to get. We were at a yard sale near our family's cottage & came across a lovely antique dresser with a custom-made change tabletop. It was exactly what I was looking for, an amazing price & the family selling it was happy it was going to a good home. It worked well as a change table but the drawers were a little heavy and hard to pull out for everyday use. Kieran is potty trained now and way too big for a change table, so when we thrifted a white mid century dresser we decided that was a better fit instead. I then gave my old antique dresser a coat of fresh white paint & was just about to put it on Kijiji when I started having second thoughts. I wasn't sure if I was just being sentimental or practical (we might have another baby or need another dresser in the future) but I couldn't sell it. The only problem was there was nowhere to put it, but I was determined. Knowing that if I didn't find a spot for it we would likely need to sell it, I went on a hunt for it's new home. After rearranging a corner of our bedroom, I found the perfect spot.

 I added a few of my favourite vintage things: An old fan, weathered books, an upcycled jewelry box, and a little blue alarm clock. Along with some plant friends, a couple rocks Kieran found me, and a flower crown. 
I love how almost every item in my house has a little story. 
It's now a favourite little spot in our bedroom and one day when we have a guest room or another baby ;) we'll have use for it again. 
Do you have any furniture or vintage finds that you can't bear to part with or something you regret giving away? I love the liberating feeling of clearing out old or unused items, but sometimes even a simple dresser just becomes a part of your home. 
xoxo Lisa. 

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