Twintage: Easter.

April 5, 2013


Here are few pictures from our Easter. It was Norah's first Easter egg hunt & Kieran is now a seasoned pro. Norah was a little unsure about the whole thing but caught on quick.  It was a lovely weekend filled with fitting in as much family as possible. My favourite part was watching these two spend time together. They're cousins but I hope they grow up being as close as siblings. That includes playing together, the bickering and all. 

I'm really looking forward to the weather warming up & all the activities we can do as a family this spring & summer; Picnics, hiking, camping, swimming...
Tomorrow Kieran, the hubby & I will be checking out the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival. Hopefully the weather will be nice, but if not we still plan on eating WAY too many pancakes. 

Hope everyone had a great Easter & happy weekend! 
~ Lisa

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  1. Ha, I love that Kieran is kissing her but she is in her own world ignoring it.


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