Twintage: Our in-house DJ..

March 15, 2013

Our in-house DJ..

A few months ago Lisa sent me a picture of her vintage auction find. A Fisher-Price record player, immediately I was jealous until she told me it was a gift for Norah-Leigh. Lisa you find the best gifts. It has quickly become a favourite toy at our house. 

Norah's favourite part of the toy is changing the records, each record only gets a few second of play before it's on to the next one. I sat there thinking about how my 16 1/2 month old toddler reminds me way too much of a teenager. Sitting there with her unruly hair and a little bit of a toddler attitude. One day she will be up in her room listening to records or whatever crazy technology is out there, hiding from the world, and even perhaps from her amazingly awesome parents?! 

Regardless, Norah I hope you become a music nerd, but don't become a teenager too soon.


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  1. My mom saved ours and it still works. I love watching the boys play with it! Norah is too cute and I hope my boys are music nerds too :)


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