Twintage: Norah-Leigh 16 months

February 27, 2013

Norah-Leigh 16 months

Yesterday Norah-Leigh turned 16 months. The toddler in her is really starting to show. A little update:

~ Norah's got a spunky personality, and she is becoming more independent every day.
~ Her absolute favorite thing in the world is music. If she's grumpy or having a melt down singing can usually cheer her up.
~ She also loves to sing, in baby talk of course, with the most adorable little voice.
~ Her favorite word and catchphrase is uh-oh.
~ She desperately needs a haircut, but I've yet to cut it. Her toddler bangs are out of this world.
~ Norah is a water baby, she could live in the bath.
~ We also put her in swimming lessons. She adores it and attends the class with her dad, also her 18 month old boyfriend Dylan.
~ She  will say "tank you" constantly but will grunt for something she wants.
~ Norah loves to try and scare us. She will crouch down, stay there for a minute, jump up and then scream.
~ She is pretty good eater. Her list of favourites inclue pasta, cheese, bananas, and strangely enough perogies.




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