Twintage: A good thrift day..

February 20, 2013

A good thrift day..

This morning I had the thrifting urge, it was kind of a dreary morning so I was a little hesitant to leave the house.  Do I feel like going out in the cold?  Having to dress a toddler for winter can be such a pain,  but it's early enough maybe I could find something cool. Finally, I decided to stop being a lazy bum, got Norah ready, and headed out.

On the way, I was flipping through the stations to find something cheesy for Norah and I to listen to when I stumbled across that "Thrift Shop" song.  Oh dear I hit the cheesy song jackpot with that one. Anyways, while there I did the usual searching for treasures while trying to keep Norah-Leigh occupied, ended up breaking a really cute horse cup (oooops) and found a few things cart worthy. Right when I was about to check out I noticed a beige case in the electronic section. I was going to keep walking but it called to me. This mysterious boring looking box had something in it and I wanted to find out. Lo and behold that boring case had something pretty darn amazing a 1950's Smith-Corona robin's egg blue typewriter.  Queue my thrift store happy dance. 

As you can probably tell I have a love for vintage typewriters, but can you blame me? Do you have a favorite vintage treasure? Do tell!


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  1. This was definitely worth braving the cold with a toddler! What an amazing find!!


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