Twintage: A bit of spring.

February 25, 2013

A bit of spring.

I'm counting the days until March, February is my least favorite month by far. I'm quite jealous of my snowbird relatives relaxing in the sun while I'm freezing my bum off. As much as I love to watch a good snow fall part of me thinks I was meant for a warmer climate. So, when Dan asked me if I wanted to attend "Seedy Sunday" a seed exchange and gardening event here in Hamilton, I was more than happy to check it out. A reminder that spring will eventually arrive was much appreciated.

Being a beginner gardener I had no seeds to exchange, thankfully they accepted donations and had many experts to answer our long list of gardening questions. If only we could convince them to spend a weekend in our garden. They had many different booths from organizations we found interesting. Like the Hamilton community garden I would like to help out with, maybe they could teach me a thing or two or three?

Probably my favorite part was watching Norah-leigh and her interest in the plants and seeds. Perhaps she will become my little gardener one day. Looking forward to watching her dig around in the dirt come spring.


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