Twintage: Our Christmas

January 3, 2013

Our Christmas

Finally getting around to doing a little Christmas post. This year was especially exciting because it's the first Christmas Kieran will probably remember. We started some traditions that I hope to continue through out the years. Going to a local tree farm, picking & cutting down our tree. Singing Christmas carols every chance we got & making our own wrapping paper with Kraft paper & stamps.  

Christmas morning was spent at Neil's parents. Kieran got the red race car and marbles he specifically asked Santa for (plus lots more).  Next we went to Karen's house for more gifts. I love watching Kieran & Norah play together. Watching our children play & enjoy the season truly makes it worth all the craziness. After two days & four houses we came home with way too many toys & lots of lovely memories. 

Some iphone pics from the season:


  1. I LOVE the stamped brown crafts paper presents. I pinned it to share!

    1. Glad you liked was a fun craft to do with my three year old. Thanks for the pin!


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