Twintage: Norah-Leigh's 1st Birthday..

November 6, 2012

Norah-Leigh's 1st Birthday..

We had a little party for this little gal on Sunday.
Her birthday was actually on the 26th, however, her cousin (who is born a day after her) had his party last Saturday. I thought back to back baby parties would be a little much for everyone, so I decided to push it back. The party was mostly family with a few local friends, although in our little place it felt like a full house. 

Norah, who can get  a bit shy in a large group of people (she gets that from her momma) actually had a great time. She clapped as we sang happy birthday, ran around with her cousins, and tried to share her smash cake with the other babies in the room. 

I was lucky to have my sister come by the day before, she helped me set up, and complete some last minute crafts. 

We made a rag garland backdrop for the food table, I'm a little obsessed with making them. In my opinion it's one of the easiest way to pretty up a room.  The fabric was purchased from a local thrift store, plus some left over lace around the house. After ripping all the fabric up, I simply tied it all to twine. Voila! Easy garland under $6.  

For dessert we had some the of best cupcakes ever, thanks to a dear friend of my moms. For toppers I made simple felt bows that were glued to toothpicks covered in floral washi taple. (find an easy way to make felt bows here)  

Finally, I had to jump on the photo booth bandwagon. If for no other reason than for Norah-Leigh to laugh at us down the road, also I thought it make a good keepsake. 

The party was such a great time, I'm a little sad its over. 


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