Twintage: A Pumpkin Patch & Halloween

November 1, 2012

A Pumpkin Patch & Halloween

Some lovely photos from Kieran and Lisa's day at the pumpkin patch....

Lisa and I were in different cities this Halloween, but we were sure to update each other on our night and costume pictures. Kieran was Spiderman and Norah-Leigh went as a penguin. To be honest I was pretty lazy this year, my decoration included a white pumpkin that sat on our front porch (never carved) and a black crow beside the halloween candy (purchased on clearance from Michaels last year.)  We decided to take Norah to a few houses on our street, it was a wet and soggy halloween, and Norah cried at every house we took her to. I think she thought we were going to exchange her for candy. Poor girl. Once we got home we handed out candy to about 10 kids, slow night, and watched The Walking Dead.. while eating a chocolate bar or 5. 

Kieran from what I heard had a great time going door-to-door and I'm sure he will wear his spiderman costume for weeks to come. A spiderman Christmas perhaps? 


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