Twintage: Norah-Leigh 11 months..

October 17, 2012

Norah-Leigh 11 months..

Confession, I've been a monthly update slacker. 
Things have been busy around here and I missed a month (or two) 
 Time has just gotten away from me. 

Soon, really soon, less than two weeks Norah will be a year old. 
She will become a toddler ~ I'm soaking in every last minute of having a baby under 1. 
 This last 11 months has been like watching a movie, so much has happened in such a short amount of time.  
I used to look at her 12 month clothes and think, "she won't fit into these for months," now I'm packing them up and dressing her in the next size up.  Big momma sigh. 

Some updates:

She taken some steps! Still a little nervous about walking but by distracting her with a favorite toy she will take a step or two unknowingly. Of course once she figures out my plan she promptly sits on her bum and shoots me the nice try look. 

Norah is now saying mama, dada and ba-ba, although, sometimes I think she mixes them up. 

She likes to rearrange our furniture by moving all the chairs to new locations around the house.

She is transitioning into a once a day napper, which is making both of our daily schedules a little wonky. 

She is a little climber, it's funny how someone who's nervous about walking has no problem climbing up  and down the stairs, on chairs, and small tables.

Now to start planning someones first birthday party! 

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