Twintage: Kieran's Third Birthday.

September 12, 2012

Kieran's Third Birthday.

 Can you believe my baby is now a three year old boy! .... I can't. We had his third birthday party this past Sunday with just close family & a couple friends. It feels like yesterday I was huge, pregnant & uncomfortable, shopping at Home Depot & joking about my water breaking in the isle.  Then deciding on a spicy chicken roti that night for dinner despite my horrible heartburn and my water breaking the next morning. It's gone by so fast as everyone warns you but I've truly enjoyed watching my baby transition into a little boy. 
I found this handsome outfit at H&M. I wasn't sure if he'd agree to wear the bow tie but I hinted that superheros wore bow ties & then he loved it ;). 
I kept the party pretty simple. I had to work all week so I did what I could after work and the morning of the party. I did a streamer backdrop & printed the bunting from here. The cupcake train was made out of graham crackers, pirate cookies for wheels and skewers held it all in place. 
He got tons of spiderman toys (his favourite superhero right now), a kazoo & a ukulele. He played us twinkle twinkle little star on the Kazoo & his daddy is going to teach him a thing or two on the ukulele :). 
The cupcake train was a hit but you can't go wrong when you combine trains & cupcakes for a three year old. 

Happy Birthday Kieran! Mommy loves you so much. 

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