Twintage: Boy's room inspiration board.

September 30, 2012

Boy's room inspiration board.

So, like a lot of us I have more home projects on the go than I can even count & every room in our little rented house is still a work in progress. Even though I doubt you are ever truly finished with a room I decided I needed to get a little more organized. First on my list is Kieran's room. His thrifted toddler bed is starting to fall apart...probably from him jumping on it & instead of buying a new one I thought it might be time to get him a twin sized bed. A big, big boy bed *tear. I still have my childhood bed frame that my grandfather built me & I thought it would be nice to pass it down to Kieran. It's similar to the one on the board (#3) but not exact. I just have to get a mattress & then we'll be all set.  These items are just the basics & then I'll finish it off with some vintage bits & pieces.   

What do you think? Do inspiration boards help you plan things out or do you find it's better to just jump right in? 


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