Twintage: The start of our staycation

August 1, 2012

The start of our staycation

Usually, vacationing in the summer for Dan and I means packing our bags for the beach, camping, road tips or all of the above. This year things have changed a little. We debated planning a last minute camping trip but camping with a 9 month old seemed like more work than we were ready for. Kudos to you that have tried, the thought of stopping Norah-Leigh from trying to eat the wilderness for a week seems exhausting.  Plus being mid way through our guest room renovation we figured a staycation would be the better less costly option. 

On Monday we drove up to a favorite park of ours. Norah crab crawled in the grass, a luxury for her since we don't have a single blade in our yard. We strolled around the historical buildings and grounds... oh and did a little planning for kind of a big event we are hosting there next year. 

So far our staycation has been pretty fantastic. For me currently a stay at home mom it means I get to sleep in every other day, take a shower whenever I want, and have a bit of time for myself. 
A girl could get use to this. 

How is your summer vacation?

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