Twintage: Summer days & life changes.

August 14, 2012

Summer days & life changes.

Posted by Lisa.

It's been a low key yet busy summer. We've been spending most of our time enjoying our new backyard. Kieran loves the room to run around, colour with chalk, admire our crabapple tree & dig in the dirt. I've been spending a lot of time de-weeding our poor neglected yard & planning a vegetable garden for next year. 

There's also been some major life changes over the past couple weeks.... 

I've been at home with Kieran since I had him but for the past year I've been casually looking for a job. I went on a few interviews but nothing came out of them. The job market seems to be very competitive right now (especially for someone who hasn't worked in three years). While looking over a job board I noticed a post for a job I did about seven years ago but in a different city. A store manager at a silver & costume jewellery store. I decided to send in a resume & the next day they called me for interview. I went for the interview and two days later they offered me the job. It all seemed to happen so fast. I went straight to work looking for a daycare that was flexible enough for my schedule & my husband's (he works shifts) & found a retired teacher / grandmother who lives just down the street. She'll be watching two to three other kids as well, so I'm thrilled Kieran will have playmates. I still have to find a babysitter for the occasional night & weekend shift I'll have to work. I'm trying not to get overwhelmed because if it doesn't work out I can always go back to staying home.  

The hardest part is knowing this is the last week of our full days together. I know it's for the best both financially & to prepare Kieran for school next year. He's a very social kid & he'll love having little playmates. Emotionally I feel all over the place. My heart is breaking that I won't be around as much & the anxiety over someone else watching my child (no matter how good they are). I made sure he starts daycare before I start my job so I can have a good sob in the car after dropping him off and be just down the street. On the other hand I'm excited to start something new of my own & seeing where it leads. I'm trying not to think about it too much & take everything one day at a time. How do other mothers deal with this transition? If you have any tips please let me know!

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