Twintage: Sister time..

August 17, 2012

Sister time..

Posted by Karen.

While Dan was training in New Jersey this week Norah and I decided to spend some time with my sister in Waterloo. We went thrifting in a small town called Elmira and found some great vintage books, an embroidered table cloth, a jug for Neil's band and some other amazing finds. Country thrifting is always my favorite.  
A big part of me loves little towns, I think about living in an old house with a big yard maybe with a tire swing and fire pit.. and I'm daydreaming...
 I always have so much fun with my sister and brother in law I miss the days they lived a street away. 

Lisa and I took the kiddies to the Waterloo Park, I thought Norah would like the animals
but the goat seemed more interested in her than the other way around. 
We also got chased by some hungry ducks while Kieran became a chocolate ice cream mess, 
I love the summer.  

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