Twintage: Norah-Leigh 9 months old...

August 25, 2012

Norah-Leigh 9 months old...

So today I realized Norah turns 10 months old tomorrow...oops!
So after a busy day of family visits I finally got around to adding her photos to the blog. 
It's almost as if I think by not updating her monthly photos she won't turn a month older. 
 Wishful thinking I'd say.

This month has been a big teething month, as soon as I think one tooth has broken through a new one is one its way. This poor baby has had a rough run with it, even though she's a trouper during the day we've had some tough nights. My usual super snoozer turned into an awake baby who could only fall asleep on her momma. Of course I love the idea of her wanting to cuddle with me, but she is not an easy baby to co-sleep with. To say she is squirmy is an understatement. One minute she will be sleeping soundly, the next her foot kicks me in the face, her finger pokes me in the eye somehow at the same time. It's both exhausting and adorable.

Some other updates over the last month:

She stood briefly, but falling is scary so she'd rather stand with the help of a hand. 

She could beat me in a crab crawl race any day. 

She called me mom,  yep her first (official) word! 
One of best moments ever. 

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