Twintage: A hutch makeover.

August 20, 2012

A hutch makeover.

Posted by Lisa.

A while ago I came across a pin of this lovely orante corner hutch. I fell instantly in love with the black & white contrast. 
My mother-in-law who is a master thrifter (something I love about her) found this corner hutch at a local thrift shop. She had plans to use it but when she decided it wasn't the right size she asked if I wanted it. I did a little happy dance & knew exactly how I was going to paint it. 
Despite the fact that we had just moved into our new place & there was still so much to unpack & organize (hence the boxes in the above photo) I jumped right into painting my new hutch...priorities. First I gave it a good cleaning, painted a couple coats of primer & then painted the outside white..My husband didn't understand why I was painting it white when it was already primed white...boys. I didn't bother sanding because I wasn't trying to make it perfect. Any imperfections just added to it's character in my mind. I then taped off the edges & painted the inside black. I had a can of chalkboard paint left over from a previous project & decided to just use that. It has the flat finish I wanted, plus I can now draw on it!..Win..Win!

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Right now it homes a few of my favourite pieces ... some of our wedding dishes, milk glass vases, distressed candle sticks & vintage milk jugs...though I'll probably replace the milk jugs with something else that pops a little more against the black. Also a few of my apothecary jars sit on top.  
I think it's a great addition to our little living room. I also have a few more living room projects on the go. The next few weeks we'll be learning to juggle work, daycare as well as home projects. 
Wish us luck & I'll keep you updated. 


  1. hey I would definitely agree painting the hutch was a priority! I LOVE the way it turned out. How lucky you are to have such a cute hutch! I also love the way the milk glass really pops. I LOVE milk glass-- but sometimes it's hard to decorate with because it blends into the walls and such (we live places we can't paint) anyway, this looks great--- and I think I will be on the hunt for a hutch now!

  2. Thanks...I'm lucky to have a mother-in-law who finds such great pieces & then gives them to me! We can't paint either but I'm learning to embrace our whitish walls. Good luck hutch hunting :).


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