Twintage: A trip to the garden..

July 4, 2012

A trip to the garden..

 My lovely friend Kim and her husband came for a visit on the weekend. 
We went for a stroll in Hamilton's Botanical garden it was a beautiful sunny day, but also hot hot hot. 
The last time I visited the RBG was as a kid, so I was excited to tour around. As someone new to gardening it was great inspiration, although next time I should probably write down the flower's name. What were they called again?

We attempted to have a nice dinner afterwards on Hamilton's James st north, but our attempt was halted due to a soccer game that closed down the street. Even our plan B didn't work out since apparently places are closed on Canada Day.oops. After almost eating my own arm we decided to give up and stop at the first chain restaurant we found. Thankfully, good company made up for the so so food. 
Once we got home we all jumped into the pool and watched our neighbours fireworks display.
A great way to end any night.

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