Twintage: Our New (Rented) House

July 26, 2012

Our New (Rented) House

A little over a year ago my hubby got a new job in a new city. We packed up, moved into a
little two bedroom apartment & started over. The apartment was fine, close to my hubby's work
& had a good size room for Kieran but there were aspects to apartment living that began to drive
me crazy. Just little things like lugging our groceries or laundry up three stories (not stairs there was
an elevator). No backyard means no BBQ and and taking Kieran outside meant ALWAYS packing
up & making a trip of going to the park. I've been longing to just throw on a pair of slippers, grab
a cup of tea & watch him play in our own backyard (perhaps in my pj's, why not it's my backyard?) I said it's the little things.

Well a couple months ago we decided it was time for a little more space & a backyard!
We started our search for a house rental. It was a tedious search of finding a house in our
budget with our requirements, landlords not showing up for appointments and the
frustration of putting in an application and the house going to someone else.
In the end it was all worth it because we found a perfect little bungalow still close to Neil's
work with a backyard. We've been taking our time moving in since we still have our old
apartment until the end of the month. I also hurt my toe by thinking sandals were proper
moving attire while moving a couch. A trip to the ER & two stitches later I'm hobbling
along trying to get things unpacked while the hubby does the rest of the heavy lifting.

As always I'm anxious to get moved in & turn our little rented bungalow into a home. It's not our
dream house & there's a lot you can't do with a rental but I love the quote "Do what you can,
 with what you have, where you are" ~ Theodore Roosevelt. My head's already full of projects & decor ideas. 
I'll try to share them as I go along. Until the rest of our stuff is moved in here is some inspiration. 
Our walls are white & we can't paint but I've been loving the look of light, airy rooms with simple 
touches of vintage & character pieces.   

All images VIA my Pinterest
& of course backyard picnics :)

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