Twintage: My 6 month drool monster..

May 10, 2012

My 6 month drool monster..

 okay, I'm late posting her pictures again, but we've been a busy bunch.
Spring is here and we are enjoying ever minute of it. 
Walks to the park, hanging out in the garden and getting ready to open our pool!
A certain little girl is going to be a water baby this summer. 

Some Norah-Leigh 6 month updates..

She is a non stop drool machine, with two chompers! 
Teething is still a little tough, she's usually fine during the day but now and then wakes up mid night pretty cranky.
Her new skills include waiving and giving the most slobbering kisses ever. Which of course I love. 
She is a master backwards scootcher, I think crawling will be any day now, our cat better watch out. 

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