Twintage: lately...

May 30, 2012


My days lately have been mainly focused on the first summer in my first house. 
We had bought the house late last August but being 7 months pregnant there was only so much I could do. This summer my finance and I are trying to tackle a full front and back yard garden, (we have absolutely no grass) figure out how we get our pool clear (it's currently a pretty blue but we can't see the bottom) Plus the minor things a new home owner gets to experience for the first time.  Like when your washing machine breaks and your first thought is "let's call the landlord"...oh wait.  That with an energenic 7 month old, things can get a little crazy.  The last year has been a lesson in patience and realizing things like a perfectly decorated house does not happen in a day, month or even a year. 
I'm working on things slowly, remembering day trips with my family or a happy baby in a kiddie pool are memories that will last much longer than a perfectly maintained garden or sparkling house. 
This will be my first summer with Norah-Leigh and I plan on enjoying every moment of it. 


  1. I am right there with you on new homeowner first-time experiences. So worth it but pretty crazy!

  2. oh gosh, baby cheeks, i can't handle it! so very adorable!!
    enjoy this first summer in your new home :)
    xo TJ


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