Twintage: First Beach Weekend

May 25, 2012

First Beach Weekend

We spent the Victoria long weekend up at my hubby's parent's cottage in Sauble Beach. 
 The weather was hot & sunny...perfect for our first beach trip of the year. Most past May long weekends in Sauble are rainy & cool so when the weather is nice we really enjoy it. Saturday morning we did the traditional May long weekend garage sale hunt. I picked up a couple vintage books & a life jacket for Kieran. Then to the beach for most of the day to soak in the sun. Sunday was spent mostly at the beach again, then in the evening we enjoyed a spectacular firework display put on by Lance (a friend of the family / co-owner of the cottage) and Neil's dad.  Throw in some not so relaxing moments ... Neil, Kieran and myself all had colds & more toddler meltdowns then I can even count.  With some amazing moments like seeing my brother-in-law for the first time in almost two years. It all works out to be a memorable weekend and a pretty good way to start the summer. 
 Lance & Wanda's son Jayden 
Evening fires. 
My brother-in-law Kyle.
I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. I also didn't take any pictures of myself. Something I need to work on. 


  1. looks like a fun weekend... i love all your photos. i need to get back to the beach pronto!!

  2. What lovely pics! Dying to get to the beach!!!


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