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April 18, 2012

Antique auction newbie...

Around a month ago Dan and I went to our first antique auction. It is something I've been dying to try for years and years. I remember as a kid my grandparents would go quite frequently, always coming home with some wonderful treasures. They were two of the most knowledgeable antique collectors I have ever met. I only wish they were around today to teach me their ways.
When we first got to the auction it was a little intimidating, the room was filled with collectors, store owners and regulars. Everyone examining all the pieces before the auction got underway.  Once it started one of the first items up for bid was a box of vintage post cards, without hesitation I jumped into action placing a bid.
To my surprise I won the item! Although there were other bidders, no one was all that inclined to spend too much on old postcards. Throughout the day Dan and I won quite a few items, for a great price. He won his new price possession a vintage guitar.  Here are a few items we came home with..

Vintage globe lamp. 

A crate I won for $5 they also threw in a step stool. I'm thinking about painting it. 

A box full of vintage Chatelaine magazines 

This quilt for $25

Some things to keep in mind if you are new to auctions like myself...

-Take a close look at the items you are interested in- once your bid is won there is no giving it back
-Write down the items you have your heart set on before the auction starts - that way you don't impulse bid
-Remember some actions charge a fee on the items won, In my case it was 15% - So if the item you won is $10 you would pay an additional $1.50 to the auction and applicable taxes.
-Know how much you are willing to spend on an item before you bid and stick to it. - It's easy to get caught up in the moment and keep bidding.
-Don't be too quick to bid - Auctioneers start high and work their way down, if you are too eager you will end up spending too much

It's a lot of fun, Good Luck!

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