Twintage: Norah-Leigh 4 months..

March 9, 2012

Norah-Leigh 4 months..

a little late. 

This gal is loud, super loud & not because she's crying but because she's found her supersonic voice. 
Her shrieks can be heard throughout the house and is usually my morning wake up call. (works better than any alarm clock)  She's taking after her dad and becoming one talkative kid, I don't mind at all. I hope she grows up being chatty since I've always been rather shy. 

She recently had her 4 month check up weighting in at 15 pounds 12 ounces and in the 95 percentile for her height. My sister and I joke about how we have big babies. It's funny since we were so small as kids.  In other Norah milestones she started sleeping through the night! I feel as if I'm jinxing myself while writing this but usually she sleeps from 7pm till 7am.  Lucky me! I'm sure her schedule will change so I'm enjoying precious sleep while I can. 

I honestly feel as if someone has pressed the fast forward button these last 4 months. One minute she's this little newborn now she's rolling over like it's no big deal and trying to crawl.. whoa slow down there baby girl. 

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  1. Goodness she is so big and cute! I'm glad to hear she is sleeping well usually its a nice break between all those late nights we've all been clocking in at.


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