Twintage: Kieran's Room.

March 15, 2012

Kieran's Room.

Kieran's room has been a on going project for me. Living in an apartment building can definitely make decorating a challenge. Especially for someone who loves lots of character. The main challenge with his room is the fire wall that is pretty much impossible to drill or hammer a nail into. So hanging anything with weight isn't an option. When I was out thrifting with my sister & her fiance I came across some vintage yard sticks. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but thought they could somehow work in Kieran's room. When I got them home I realized putting large wooden sticks in a two year old's room (within reach) was just asking for trouble and decided to put them away until I thought of an idea. 
Thanks to Google & Pinterest (wish I could say this idea was my own) I came across the idea of attaching clothespins to a yard stick to display art work. This was perfect since Kieran loves to colour but I was running out of places to display his masterpieces (there's only so much room on our fridge). 
The tutorial I found was a little more complicated then what I did, you can find it here. I kept it simple and just hot glue gunned the clothespins onto the yard stick. Which works fine to hold up paper. I then hung it on the fire wall with velcro wall hanging strips. 
Here's the end result...Excuse the darkness of my pictures it's a cloudy day.

I also added pages from a vintage book Kieran ripped up. I was so sad when I discovered it destroyed but salvaged the good pages and also made bunting seen here.

I'll add more posts on his room as I work on it! 


  1. This is a wonderful idea! Kieran is a neat name, my grand daughter's name is Kierxan. Thanks for sharing!
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