Twintage: The wedding venue hunt..

February 6, 2012

The wedding venue hunt..

Posted by Karen.

A month ago I posted about finding the perfect venue for my wedding. That post has since been taken down after much thought my fiance and I decided against it. As lovely as it was it just wasn't meant to be. The wedding venue hunt had been going on for a year I was beginning to give up hope, is it really this hard to find somewhere to get married? After a lot of long discussions and tossing around ideas from adestination to backyard to let's get married at city hall I was told about a little historic site in southern Ontario.  On a snowy Saturday we drove up to check it out and it was perfect! It's everything my fiance and I were looking for and even in our budget. Only one little problem they have no availability this summer, our original plan was to get married this August. We decided to go for it anyways and wait till August 2013. I would love to get married this year or tomorrow if it was possible but some things are worth waiting for. This will give us the opportunity to take our time planning and save me from becoming a crazy bridezilla.

Here are a few pictures of the outside of the venue..


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  1. While waiting to get married might be the tough part, good things come to those who wait :). It will also give me time to save up for flights!


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