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February 1, 2012

Thrift Trips

Posted by Lisa.

We went on a little thrift trip this past weekend...yay!
We also got to go without kids..double yay!
The kids were with their grandparents and we first headed out to look at a wedding venue with Karen and her finace. I was so glad to be able to accompany them. The venue was quiet lovely and I'm sure Karen will share more about it later......

After wedding venue hunting the three of us contemplated what to do next, after all it's not very often we are all out & about childless.  Even though drinking and partying was mentioned (did I mention this was at about 1:00 in the afternoon) we luckily all have the same favourite hobby of thrifting.

We found a quaint shop in the same town as the venue.  It was owned by a friendly gentlemen who had another store a few doors down.  He trustingly gave us the key to rummage through his items (as long as we promised to lock up & turn off the lights when we left). There was also a few more thrift stores we visited but we found the majority of our treasures there. 

Here' a few of the lovely items we picked out:

1977 Postal Scale
Milk crates to store Kieran's toy. I'm thinking about spray painting the red one.
Vintage sugar & milk container.

Karen's ladder find...want one for myself.

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