Twintage: Norah-Leigh 3 months and a bit

February 13, 2012

Norah-Leigh 3 months and a bit

Posted by Karen

We had some professional pictures taken of Norah, thanks to a Christmas gift from my future brother & sister in law. These photo's were taken a few weeks ago (I swear she already looks bigger).  It was a little strange to see someone else take pictures of her, usually I'm her personal paparazzi but of course I was super excited to have them done.

Recently Norah has started rolling over, this determined baby wouldn't stop trying until she got from her back to her tummy. She seemed so proud of herself once she figured it out. She is also grabbing at everything including my hair, I'm starting to understand why so many moms get short cuts. 
Today she has been fighting off a pretty bad cold, sadly she caught it from me. Our house is now stocked with every baby cold remedy I could find at the pharmacy. She's a little trooper still smiling and playing despite being sick, I think her cold's been harder on me than her. 
She's such a sweetie. 

Photography by Lemon love


  1. The colds are always harder on us, we just wants our babes to feel better. I love these photos, and both outfits are adorable! She is gorgeous and I wish we could see each other more often! Gem has learned how to roll on her tummy, but isn't a pro at rolling the other way, she usually screams until we roll her over again (not great at bed time )! I hope Norah's cold goes away soon!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I wish we lived closer too, maybe one day *fingers crossed*

  2. Lovely pics! I MUST know where you found that delicious polkadot dress...I'm having a girl and I want one.

  3. Congrats! It was on clearance at Zara, I wish there was an adult version too


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