Twintage: Look But Dont Touch

February 18, 2012

Look But Dont Touch

Just a few vintage favourites in our little ones room.
Some of these will have to stay on shelves and be admired from a distance but hopefully they'll grow to love the character and history these pieces bring to their rooms. 

Lovely little toy piano for Norah's room.
Antique find toy type-writer also to display in Norah's room.
Rubber race car passed down from grandpa, to dad to Kieran. 
This antique bank belonged to my grandparents, then my mom and was given to Kieran as a Christmas present. 
Toy dump truck grandpa bought for Kieran. 

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  1. Awwweee! Love these pieces set in your kiddos rooms! I'm sure they'll come to appreciate them! :)

    Alex ~


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