Twintage: New Year & New Projects

January 18, 2012

New Year & New Projects

Posted by Lisa

Oops looks like everyday life got the better of me & it's been a while since a post. 
Things are pretty low key around here...busy trying to keep up with my crazy little one, the never-ending struggle of keeping our little apartment organized amidst Kieran's toys, my projects & the hubby's instruments.  

2012 started out with Kieran & I getting the flu & then a week of worrisome constipation for Kieran. I know TMI but when you're a mom poop is open conversation. We think he's been holding it in as a way to control being potty trained. Apparently this is a common thing for children to do. So we're backing off the potty training just for a bit. Feel free to pass on any advice you may have!

In other news Karen & I are busy with plans for Twintage this year. We're really excited to get our shop going again after a far too long break. Also exciting news for my hubby & his band. I'm going to do a post about them soon...but until then go ahead & check them out at A Yellow Field.  They're currently in the process of recording an album & planning an out west tour this summer.
I have such high hopes for this year can't wait & see how it all turns out :).

As for my little project below....I had extra mason jars left over from my Christmas craft project and decided to give painted mason jars a go. There's so many different things you can do with mason jars! It's almost overwhelming. 
I decided to start simple and just give them some paint. 
I used a matte white spray paint & painted the inside & out.  It took about three very light coats and I was thrilled not to get any paint drippys :).
Excuse the use of the same yellow flowers from my previous project. I need a trip to the market for some real flowers to spruce up my little home.
I really like the look of painting the outside, not just the inside of the jar. It give's it almost a ceramic feel.
I think my painted jars will be lovely to use as a lantern, centerpiece, or vases.
This may become a new obsession.

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