Twintage: November 2011

November 21, 2011

Kieran's Room Re-Do

Posted by Lisa

I plan on redoing Kieran's bedroom decor. He already has a "big boy" room with a firetruck toddler bed that we bought him over the summer. I wasn't thrilled about a car or truck shaped bed but I knew he'd enjoy it and my hubby reminded me that the room's for him not me.  Since then I've been having a hard time decorating around it and sort of gave up on his room (if I add more cars it just seems tacky).  So recently I made the executive decision to sell the bed.  I also figure since I'm the mother of a two year old I might as well take advantage of being able to decorate his room the way "I" also want (but that he'd still enjoy). I'm sure once he's a teenager we'll have different taste. Honestly I feel a little to a lot guilty about selling his firetruck bed for a regular white toddler bed but when his entire room is decorated & organized I'm sure it'll be worth it.
This post was suppose to be about decor inspiration for my son's room. Wasn't planning on a firetruck bed rant but oh well. 

Anyway....once I get past my firetruck bed guilt I can't wait to get started on his new room.
Here's some inspirations so far:

Lots of vintage bits and pieces
Love the vintage map & bunting
Kieran would love these plane prints
White distressed book shelf
What kid doesn't love a tent / fort! 

Kids table
All pictures from Pinterest

November 15, 2011

Norah-Leigh 3 weeks old.

Yikes this little gal is already 3 weeks old! I've been learning a lot these few weeks, now that Dan has gone back to work I'm on full time parent duty. As a first time mom there are few things that I have figured out.
- I'ts okay not to have a sparkling clean house. 
- Shower power - the luxury of taking a shower whenever I please is a thing of the past. 
- Crying baby in public- as a person who use to get annoyed at screaming babies in public, I've learned that even the best babies will cry their little hearts out.
- Laundry - rules my chore life
- Sleep - also a thing of the past
- White noise - Hair dryer, stove fan, vacuum cleaner are great ways to calm a cranky baby

-Being a mom is just the best thing ever. 

November 8, 2011

A Baby Shower for Norah-Leigh

Sunday afternoon we had a little shower in honour of my sister and her baby girl Norah-Leigh.
It was great having family and friends I don't see nearly enough together to goo and awww over my sister's new addition. This was the third out of four showers for Momma and baby (lucky baby!). Smaller showers were decided instead of one big one to keep it more personal and intimate. 
Norah-Leigh was dressed in the cutest vintage pink polka-dot dress that our mother made for us when we were babies. Decor was my department and my mom made the food.
I kept it simple and light with vintage bits and pieces, coffee filter pom-poms and touches of pink.
The party was hosted at my sisters house and I did my best to decorate and prepare with my two year old son running around. Trying to keep him quiet around a newborn was a job in itself!
All in all it turned out to be a lovely day.
Fireplace display 
Dinning Room Set-up
Baby shoes & pictures of Norah-Leigh
Coffee Filter Pom-Poms
Chalkboard platter with chalkboard paint
Vintage vases and mason jars for flowers
Vintage baby dresses hung over the fireplace
DIY Banner hung with twine
Table Setting before food 
Cupcake with a cookies on top spelling out Norah-Leigh 
Pretty Momma 
Guest of honour Norah-Leigh
Kieran and I 

November 2, 2011


and her poppas..

Things have been pretty sleepy around the blog lately, while in real life it's been quite the opposite. A week today my life changed in the most incredible way, my baby girl Norah-Leigh was born. As a first time mom I can admit I was more than a little worried about parenthood but now I couldn't imagine it any other way. All the lost sleep in the world can't compare to her little smirks, yawns & rather animated faces.