Twintage: Snow Adventures

December 2, 2011

Snow Adventures

Kieran and I spent some time at the park today. We had a snow fall last night and he was admiring the snow from our balcony window all morning. I had to leave the giant pile of laundry and dishes for later for a little trip outside. Last year he wasn't a fan of the snow but this year I think he's going to love it. I'm thrilled to discover his snow jacket & pants from last year surprising still fit! Yay...One less thing to buy for now. There was only a small amount of snow that stayed on the ground but he was so fascinated by it.  He opted for exploring tree's, branches, pinecones and rocks over the snow covered park.  I love how rosey his cheeks get when we're out in the cold. Reminds me of the vintage campbell soup ads. I kept trying to get a picture of them but every time I got close enough he would turn or run away. I think he had enough of my mommy paparazzi. 
Can't wait for more snow adventures this year...I  definitely see snowmen and sledding in our future. 

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