Twintage: A DIY Christmas

December 12, 2011

A DIY Christmas

It's now less than two weeks till Christmas and we're in full holiday mode!
The apartment is decorated, Kieran's giving me his list for Santa (Kite, tent, truck truck), we've been making ornaments for the grandparents and watching classics like Rudolf.  
This year we've decided to make most gifts for the family ourselves. It's easier on the budget and more sentimental. I've seen a lot of these mason jar shelves / hooks on Pinterest and Etsy in all sorts of variations and wanted to give it a try. The project turned out to be pretty easy. It just took a trip to Home Depot for wood, hooks & the piping clamp. The vintage mason jars were a thrift store find, the paint plus distressing tools I already had at home. I'm really happy with the way these turned out. We've made two so far but plan on doing a couple more. 

This is just one DIY gift on our to make list....more to come.
 Any family members perusing by will just have to wait and see if one these lovelies end up in your Christmas stockings. :)

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