Twintage: Norah-Leigh

November 2, 2011


and her poppas..

Things have been pretty sleepy around the blog lately, while in real life it's been quite the opposite. A week today my life changed in the most incredible way, my baby girl Norah-Leigh was born. As a first time mom I can admit I was more than a little worried about parenthood but now I couldn't imagine it any other way. All the lost sleep in the world can't compare to her little smirks, yawns & rather animated faces. 


  1. Congratulations on your baby girl! Such a pretty name too. Did you get the name from the Wilco/Billy Bragg cover of the Woody Guthrie song Hesitating Beauty?! If not, ignore my nerd! However, if you didn't know there is a song about a girl called Nora Lee! It's a pretty song. The details are above, haha.

  2. Oh thank you, we didn't but actually had the song on my fiance's computer and listened to it immediately!

  3. no problem, I love that song so much!


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