Twintage: Norah-Leigh 3 weeks old.

November 15, 2011

Norah-Leigh 3 weeks old.

Yikes this little gal is already 3 weeks old! I've been learning a lot these few weeks, now that Dan has gone back to work I'm on full time parent duty. As a first time mom there are few things that I have figured out.
- I'ts okay not to have a sparkling clean house. 
- Shower power - the luxury of taking a shower whenever I please is a thing of the past. 
- Crying baby in public- as a person who use to get annoyed at screaming babies in public, I've learned that even the best babies will cry their little hearts out.
- Laundry - rules my chore life
- Sleep - also a thing of the past
- White noise - Hair dryer, stove fan, vacuum cleaner are great ways to calm a cranky baby

-Being a mom is just the best thing ever. 

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  1. Here are a few things I learned this time around "Shower at night, Daddy takes the baby while you do what you need to do" OR "Bouncy chair in the bathroom with you while you shower". That was the one thing that irritated to me to no end was never being able to shower! As for a crying baby in public, I used to try and run errands right around Clarks naptime so he would sleep while I shopped, sometimes it worked, sometimes he screamed his little heart out.
    Yay to Norah being 3 weeks old, good job momma!


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