Twintage: Kieran's Room Re-Do

November 21, 2011

Kieran's Room Re-Do

Posted by Lisa

I plan on redoing Kieran's bedroom decor. He already has a "big boy" room with a firetruck toddler bed that we bought him over the summer. I wasn't thrilled about a car or truck shaped bed but I knew he'd enjoy it and my hubby reminded me that the room's for him not me.  Since then I've been having a hard time decorating around it and sort of gave up on his room (if I add more cars it just seems tacky).  So recently I made the executive decision to sell the bed.  I also figure since I'm the mother of a two year old I might as well take advantage of being able to decorate his room the way "I" also want (but that he'd still enjoy). I'm sure once he's a teenager we'll have different taste. Honestly I feel a little to a lot guilty about selling his firetruck bed for a regular white toddler bed but when his entire room is decorated & organized I'm sure it'll be worth it.
This post was suppose to be about decor inspiration for my son's room. Wasn't planning on a firetruck bed rant but oh well. 

Anyway....once I get past my firetruck bed guilt I can't wait to get started on his new room.
Here's some inspirations so far:

Lots of vintage bits and pieces
Love the vintage map & bunting
Kieran would love these plane prints
White distressed book shelf
What kid doesn't love a tent / fort! 

Kids table
All pictures from Pinterest

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  1. I would feel guilty too, but thankfully he won't remember the bed, and if you don't bring it up then he will be none the wiser!


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