Twintage: The New Tissue

October 5, 2011

The New Tissue

I'm helping to plan two baby showers in honour of a certain pregger sister that I share this blog with  :) (only a couple weeks till I'm an excited). One shower our mother is hosting and the other our step mom.  I love the oh so popular, perhaps over done tissue pom poms but I also have my issues with them. First I'm awful at making them! When trimming the edges my scissors must not be sharp enough and they always look more frayed then nice petals.  When separating the layers my tissue always ends up tearing and I can never get the desired round shape. By the end of making them I usually want to throw them off my third floor balcony.  

Also after all that they usually only last for one party and don't transport very nicely. So I began a search for something more durable and less delicate to work with. 
What did I discover? Coffee Filters! 

I must be late to the game of coffee filter crafts because there is a lot out there. 
Maybe it's because I don't drink coffee? So I headed out to the dollar store yesterday and picked up two packages for you guessed it a dollar each. I also have food colouring in my cupboard if I feel like giving them some colour. I like that the paper is thicker. I think it's something that would last for both parties and even for decor after. 

Here is my inspiration so far. 
Puffy Flowers 
Poof Ball
More flowers.
(All Photo's from Pinterest)
I like the garland and poof ball best for my sister's shower. I'll let you know how they turn out!

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