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October 20, 2011

I Married Adventure

Osa Johnson

I wanted to share one of my favourite vintage finds with you. About ten years ago I was drawn to this little vintage zebra striped darling at a garage sale. I actually bought it to read and the snazzy cover was just a bonus. I carried it back and forth to work reading about the travels and adventures of Osa Johnson and her husband on my lunch break. From there it became a favourite little piece of my home decor. 

( Above photos from Twintage)
The other night I was talking to my sister about some of the vintage books scattered around my apartment. I then thought about my zebra treasure and decided to google it. To my surprise I discovered it's everywhere! Not only in blogs but interior magazines and more....

You know, no biggie but it's in Sarah Jessica Parker's home..(look closely on the table)
cute engagement sessions... 
oddly enough perfume...that was advertised on Oprah..
..and then she discovered there was more to collect.
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Is my book less of a treasure because it's popular?...or more? Not sure but I still love this book, cover, story and all. My husband said "If it's that popular you should sell it" NEVER! I liked it before it was cool...and that's all the maters. Even if I do watch to see how high the current listing on eBay goes for. 

Don't you love those vintage finds that feel meant to be?  The ones your not looking for...when you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. 
I sure do. 

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  1. I know by your post you will be interested in my latest foray into working with this wonderful image.

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